The Triodal

A Slightly Different Top Load

The inspiration

Dr Who - Tom Baker and the Pirate Planet

Actually using multiple spheres is not new.

The Ingredients

6 Salad bowls with rims 11 inch diameter from Woolies.

1 sheet of 1/2" plywood suitably cut to shape 

How it fits together  - the rim and the centre of the plywood were covered with aluminium foil tape.

I drilled 4 holes around the rim of the salad bowls and screwnailed them into the plywood

One day all tesla drive starships will be built this way.

OLTCs use a breakout point so I'm not too worried about the rims. It should give reasonable electrostatic shielding to the top of the coil. It will need a proper mount on the top of the coil - it tends to slip on the polythene tub
and all together now - for a few extra puffs.

Or get more plywood and bowls and build a quadoidal, or a pentoidal or a hexoidal

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